RUS66 Software LLC

Software development and custom programming services since 2003

About Us

We are a team of full stack developers, web developers, microcontroller programmers and QA specialists. We've delivered more than 70 solutions over the last 15 years, including projects developed from scratch, starting with just a business idea, as well as legacy systems support, mainenance and modification projects.

Services we provide

Custom Development, including business analysis, documentation, project management, programming, QA and support.

Technologies we use

.NET, C/C++, Java, Xamarin, ReactJS, Angular, MS SQL, MySQL

We create web applications, mobile application, Windows applications

Our Partners

GlobeDevPro Professional Services

Sales, Project Management and Support in Southwest and Pacific regions of the US

Our Clients

Clovis Research

Dallas-based company

Industrial dispenser systems microcontroller firmware and management board logic. Distributed Data Collection system with Windows GUI client for automated pumps.

C, C# .NET

McLeod Software

Birmingham-based company

Optimization modules for web-based transportation management systems Rich flexible data input and workflow management for heavy equipment transportation CLR Trigger SQL Server extension for automated custom audit



Dallas-based company

Web and mobile-enabled marketing application for sales and post-sale support

C# .NET, ASP.NET MVC, Xamarin, Objective-C, Java

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